Mud, Blood & Beer



  1. Our House
  2. No More Heroes
  3. The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
  4. Going Underground
  5. What A Waste
  6. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
  7. Shipbuilding
  8. Road To Nowhere
  9. Mud, Blood & Beer
  10. Off To The Beer Tent

Mud Blood & Beer Cover

Album Reviews


"Not many observers might have expected comedian Adrian Edmondson's jiggery-jokery folk-punk outfit to last beyond a few gigs, let alone to be putting in some hard gigging at the end of the year plugging a third album. Essentially it's the obvious love and affection they bring to their versions of such familiar tunes as The Stranglers' 'No More Heroes' that make this such an unexpectedly enjoyable affair. The many friends they've made at festivals will lap it up, but sceptics will be pleasantly surprised too.' (Kevin Bourke, Songlines Magazine)

"They really do have something special about them" (Fame Magazine)

"The incredible folk twist they bring to music, 9/10" (Liverpool Sound & Vision)

"the skill and musicianship of The Bad Shepherds is continually apparent…proof that folk music isn’t just about painting pastoral scenes from the 18th century" 4* (Music OMH)

"it's heartwarming to see the notions of both Folk and Punk kept alive as means of entertainment, information and direction, especially when it’s done in such a glorious manner as this" (6 Days From Tomorrow)

"The Bad Shepherds began as a fun band, but have proved with this album that they deserve to be taken seriously too" (Bright Young Folk)

"For folk-punk, many tracks might be less raucous than expected, but, if the ethos of punk really was to eschew the perceived excess of mainstream music, then the Bad Shepherds fulfill their brief perfectly" (